5 Why Reasons You Should Meal Prep

You are at work, and it is time for lunch; where do you turn to for food? Do you go to the place close to the office? Or maybe order some food? The chances are that if you do not plan out your lunch around your diet, you might end up going to a place that is convenient and not healthy. The same can be said outside of work hours. For example, some days it is hard to find time to cook. 

Meal prepping is one great tool used by many to help plan out meals when there is no time to cook. You don’t need to plan out a week’s worth of food in one day during the weekends; it can be as simple as having foods that can easily be used to make meals quickly. Meal prepping isn’t just about showing a post with your endless stack of meals ready for your daily life. Take a step into the kitchen and learn how meal prepping can help you get make the diet portion of your fitness journey more manageable.

Time Management

Busy days keep getting busier. This is a common problem and excuse why people tend to eat more convenient foods. It can be hard to spend an hour or more cooking food. 

By preparing your meals for the next few days or the week, you’ll be able to have higher quality, healthy food options within a few minutes. Helping you reduce the need to go out of your way to get food, saving yourself time, money, and some serious calories. In addition, better management of your meals will allow you to manage your time throughout the day better.

Helps You Stay On Track

Having your food prepared and ready for the day is one of the best and easiest ways to track your diet goals. Whether trying to lose weight or gain weight, you should plan what you’ll be eating for your macros and track them

Hopefully, by having your meals prepared and ready in their specific portions, you will be more likely to stay on track with a healthy eating lifestyle.

Saves You Money

For many people, the idea of saving money is why they start making lunches at home for work. Nutrition foods have a misconception that it is cheaper to buy them from a healthy restaurant. However, after buying food from the grocery store, you’ll notice that cooking for yourself is more affordable (Tiwari, 2017). Preparing your food ahead of time will help you lose more weight around your belly and not your wallet. 

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Helps Regulate Portion Control

Have you ever sat down with a bag of chips or your favorite candy, then only wondered how you ate it all in one sitting? Preparing your meals allows you to control the portions of your food. This also comes in handy if you are eating meals based on a number of calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein. However, if you are focusing on your macros, it can be hard to find meals that fit your nutritional needs each meal when you are out.

Our modern lifestyle has us living more sedentary. We don’t move as much, and we have access to more food options than ever. Overeating 500 Calories a day would result in 3,500 Calories over the week, equivalent to 0.45 kg (1 pound) of fat. Having healthy ready-to-eat foods can help with overeating. 

Staying Mental Strong

Dieting is not easy for many people, and the idea of doing a lifestyle change can be challenging to begin with. Finding ways to make it easier and less stressful is vital for any successful fitness story. Staying mentally strong is essential, especially when it comes to fitness and your nutrition. If you are not prepared for the day, it can be easy to grab a quick and unhealthy meal when you are at work. Preparing your healthy meals for the week only takes a couple of hours of meal prep work. With this, you are mentally preparing yourself for the week.

For days when you have a set schedule, think about the food you are going to eat and when you will eat it. Having a plan is part of conquering the mental aspect of your nutrition plan. Now you can focus on everyday life and your next workout; food is taken care of for the day.

Start Meal Prepping

Prepare a path towards successfully reaching your goals. Taking a fundamental step like learning how to meal prep will help you lose weight or gain weight. Prepare your meals and take the easier road towards your success.


Tiwari, A., Aggarwal, A., Tang, W., & Drewnowski, A. (2017). Cooking at Home: A Strategy to Comply With U.S. Dietary Guidelines at No Extra Cost. American journal of preventive medicine, 52(5), 616–624. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.amepre.2017.01.017

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