6 Tips For Preventing And Treating Hangovers

October 25, 2022

There’s no point in working out if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor. Going out for a few drinks with attractive ladies and having the hot blonde take body shots off your chiseled 6-pack abs is the best way to show off your hard work at the gym.

Of course, you have a great time and wake up next to the beautiful blonde with a splitting headache and a terrible hangover.

How can you prevent a hangover? How can you move past this debilitating feeling once you have it? While nothing can kill the side effects of drinking and a one-night stand that you can’t remember, we can help lessen the effects and make you feel great again.

Hangover Treatment and Prevention

1. Liver Support

Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage. If you overdose on Tylenol, you will be given large doses of N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) in the emergency room. Higher glutathione levels when you drink alcohol and the morning after can help your liver clear the alcohol more effectively.

Milk Thistle standardized for silymarin has been shown to help protect the liver from toxins. Therefore, try taking a liver health supplement year-round as part of a healthy lifestyle. For those who choose to drink alcohol, I recommend taking a liver health supplement like Ambrosia Nektar before drinking and again when you wake up to help offset the effects of alcohol consumption.

2. Prevention

There is a standard rule of hydration: for every glass of alcohol you drink, down the equivalent liquid of water or seltzer water. So for an eight-ounce beer, hit an eight-ounce glass of water. Order them as a pair each time. This will not only fill you up but also prevent dehydration that exacerbates the hangover.

Another thing to remember is not to drink on an empty stomach. Be sure to eat before getting your krunk on.

3. Hydrate

It’s essential to replenish your electrolytes when you’ve been drinking alcohol. Magnesium is an important electrolyte, and many people are already deficient in it. Alcohol also depletes the body of this essential mineral, so be sure to take a magnesium supplement before and after drinking.

4. Caffeine

While caffeine can have a diuretic effect, it is very slight. If you’re struggling with migraines or headaches, remember that caffeine can treat and cause these depending on the person, so this is very individual. The stimulatory effect might also help you feel better after the alcohol has worn off. 

5. Carbs 

When your blood sugar drops, your liver produces more glucose from stored carbohydrates. This can cause hypoglycemia if your liver is preoccupied with cleaning up alcohol.

Having smaller, frequent carb feedings might help to combat that. Something easy, like toast, is a good choice here.

6. Cardio and Exercise

You might not feel like doing anything, but getting some exercise will help to boost your endorphins and make you feel better about the 10,000 calories of Jager-Bombs you drank the night before. (Not to mention the calories you’ll burn by working out!)

Get moving to sweat out the toxins. While it may not be the most pleasant experience, staying hydrated and getting rid of harmful substances in your body is essential.

Wrapping Up

You can follow a few tips to help prevent or alleviate a hangover. However, keep in mind that nothing is 100% effective. The best method is to drink in moderation (if you drink alcohol) and avoid overindulging. But if you know you will overindulge, here is your help guide.

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