Everything You Need To Know About Decline Bench Press

July 19, 2022

Did you notice that the bench press was in an awkward position? The backrest is too low, making it difficult to lift the weights.

Other gym patrons usually use it as the towel rack, but today you are the one who is going to use it. The barbell bench press is a powerful muscle-building exercise that can damage your pecs if you do it incorrectly.

We will cover the decline of bench press from how to perform the exercise and benefits to drawbacks.

If you are new to exercise, take your time with the weight. Start with lower weights and increase gradually as you get more comfortable. This move will help build bigger pecs and increase your bench press by one rep max.

Let’s get started

Decline Bench Press

The decline bench press is a compound exercise that includes a barbell bench press with your back reclined at around -15 degrees. This positioning often results in stronger 1RM (One Rep Maximums) than the flat bench press.

How-To Decline Bench Press

It can be helpful to get used to these babies before you take them on your ride. Make sure you have something nearby to hold onto.

When you are on the bench, put your legs at the ends of the decline bench and slowly gasp as you do a one-length reverse sit-up.

When lying down on the bench, you should use the same grip width as when standing. You may need to experiment with hand placement to get a comfortable position.

Having someone give you a hand-off when lifting heavy weights is ideal, as this will help keep your shoulders locked in. As the weight is transferred from your hands, slowly lower it down to your chest – pausing for one second before pressing.

Pressing the bar back up, breathing out, and contracting your pecs will help you increase time under tension.

Take a few moments to rest and catch your breath before trying to sit back up; it’s like doing a free abdominal workout.

Most people who perform three to five sets with eight to fifteen reps will be satisfied with the results. Give yourself one to three minutes of rest between sets.

Decline Bench Press Benefits

The decline bench is a less-known piece of gym equipment that is more effective than the standard bench press for building strength and mass.

The decline bench press can deliver desired results when programmed into a sound program.

There Is Less Stress on Your Shoulders.

The decline bench press is preferable for those concerned about shoulder impingement. This variation places less stress on the shoulders, resulting in a smoother range of motion and reduced potential for injury.

There Will Be More Pec Activation.

Benching on a decline bench allows you to reduce the amount of shoulder rotation, which shifts the stress from your anterior delts to your pec major.

Studies have shown that EMG analysis can reveal the decline bench’s ability to activate the fibers of the sternal head of the pec major.

Decline Bench Press Drawbacks

A few exercises have a significant downside, such as the decline bench press.

It is essential to do the exercise correctly to avoid injuries and bruises. Don’t let your ego get in the way – you may be able to bench more on decline than you can on a flat or incline bench, but that doesn’t mean you need to.

Remember, always work for quality reps to build muscle.

The Bottom Line

Should you add the decline bench press into your workouts? It depends, but it is worth throwing into your programming.

Each piece of equipment in the gym has a specific purpose. Pay attention to what each one is used for and use them accordingly to achieve your fitness goals. The decline bench can help build muscle tissue, while the resistance band can help improve conditioning.

To maximize muscle growth, you must learn how to do this exercise and program it into your routine. This will help push your strength and muscle gains to the next level.

Many studies suggest training your chest from multiple angles will help build the best chest. This exercise isn’t a magic bullet, but with enough consistency and progression, it can lead to gains.

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