How To Request Refunds

Patriot Supplements works for our customers. We aim to be your supplier of choice and partner for business. Our trouble-free and easy to use returns process is designed to keep you moving throughout your day and not waste hours on the phone.

Learn more about our return process and how to do it within your account below.

Each refund is taken on a case by case basis. Once our team receives the refund request you will be notified within 3 business days if your request was expected.

Below we put a quick how to guide for refund requests

Once your order is marked as “Complete” you can request a refund.

Please use the contact form on this page to ask any questions you might have.

To request a refund, it is located in your account dashboard’s order page. View the order that you would like a refund on.

You can request a refund for just one product in an order by clicking the “refund” button under the product you would like to return. Type quantity number of the product you would like refunded. If you only bought one, type “1” and then submit the request.

You can request a refund for your full order by clicking the “Refund my entire order” button under the order.