How To Use Mini-Bands For Your Fitness Goals

May 12, 2022


A set of mini-bands is one of the best purchases of exercise equipment you will make. You’ll want to get a pack of resistance bands with different strengths. Of course, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other free weights are great workout tools. However, they do not have the same versatility as mini-bands.

What makes mini-bands so great? Mini-bands can build strength and power in the lower body and improve balance and coordination, all while being small enough to easily fit around your legs. They are best known for activating the gluteal muscles while training on leg day, but they are great for physical therapy. 

And all this for one of the cheapest pieces of equipment you can find on Amazon for around $10 for a great start. 

How Mini-Bands Work

Resistance bands work similarly to free weights but with a few key differences. Like dumbbells, barbells, or other free weights, resistance bands provide external resistance that your muscles have to work against. Like other forms of training, the mini-band will have your muscles fighting the tension.

However, while free weights provide you with a constant weight throughout the exercise, resistance bands change the tension as you move through the exercises. Think of hip abduction; when the knees are far apart, there is more band tension than when the knees are close. 

young girl woman exercising outdoors with rubber elastic band doing training her legs wearing bl blog

Mini-Bands Are Versatile

First, Mini bands are great for warming-ups, especially activating your hips before a run. Mini band exercises are a great way to target your glute medius muscle, which is responsible for stabilizing the hip and thigh as you move. If you’re a runner, it’s essential to keep this muscle strong so that your legs are properly stabilized and move efficiently. If you don’t have strength or stability in the hip area, many things can get thrown off—you may start to compensate with other muscles or end up with an overuse injury like a runner’s knee. Mini bands can also warm up your upper body, explicitly benefiting areas like the shoulder, which are notoriously unstable. 

One of the best ways to implement mini-bands into your workout is why keep them around your knees while you do an exercise like a hip thrust. Using mini-bands around your knees while you hip thrust can help create more activation in the glutes. However, counter to popular belief, using mini-bands around your knees while squatting does not do the same. Using the mini-bands with squats is an excellent exercise for helping people understand how to keep their knees from caving in. 

Mini-bands are not just suitable for booty building; they are an excellent tool for anyone to use within their programs. Stability muscles help protect your body from injury. The stronger these muscles are, the less likely you will injure yourself. By doing sport-specific movements correctly, and repeatedly, our muscles are ready to fire correctly in battle. This helps instill proper form for everyday activities and exercise in the non-competitive athlete.

Just missteps in everyday life cause most injuries. By training for absorbing shock in everyday life, you can prevent injury and also help to ensure a lifetime of feeling great and performing even better. Our goal is for you to feel awesome all the time, not just intermittently. Practicing these exercises regularly will improve your overall well-being and relieve or treat existing pain and tightness.

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