Patriot Supplements Launches New Website

March 2, 2022

Near the end of 2021, our team at Patriot Supplements soft-launched our new website. Now the Patriot Supplements team is happy to introduce the new with our eagle showing strong. Over the last 6 years, we have been committed to offering the most effective and highest quality products and brands to their customers at the lowest prices. The new website was designed with our customers in mind.

The last two years have been eye-opening with the current world situation. Our team has been working hard to keep building the local stores in North Idaho. However, with more companies turning to the internet, we wanted to take Patriot Supplements to a new level. Starting with our website, we went back to the drawing board. Working to make a website that is easy to find products through search, brands, categories, and the individual goal. Our new website takes a modern approach to how we run the local stores.

We carry over 350 products and 45 brands in our local stores. Finding a way to display the products with the same quality on the new website as the store was our main goal. With each product on the new website, we looked to add in all product information in an easy-to-read and understand format. After looking at countless websites and using our personal experiences we worked to have each product have its supplement facts, an easy-to-read write-up about the product, and directions on how to use the product in a clear way for customers. We also worked to add in a small about each brand, to give even more understanding of each supplement.

Fitness is more than supplements, that is why we also added free tools for all to enjoy. First, we added an advanced body fat calculator that works with tape, skin calipers, and no tools. Second, we know some people need help with better understanding their diets. That is why we included a calorie calculator to help give an idea of how many calories someone needs to eat in order to achieve their goal in a healthy way and time frame. Last we added in a calories burned tool to show an estimate of how many calories are used during a certain exercise.

Our last major part of the new website was to introduce a fitness blog. We have a talented group of individuals we work with. Our Eagle Nest, the fitness articles are written to give up-to-date fitness information. From workout tips, nutrition advice, and an even better understanding of workout program design, our team is putting their best forward.

“We have run Patriot Supplements like a mom and pop store since day one. Putting our hearts into every part of the business. Our local community is the soul of Patriot Supplements. With this new websitem, we are looking to take our Patriot Supplements Pride to a new audience with even more ways to serve the fitness community.” Dan Webbs, CEO of Patriot Supplements. “Patriot Supplements was founded in 2016 and from day one, we strived to provide fitness enthusiasts like ourselves with the best possible products. Well-balanced supplements and formulates with only the highest quality ingredients. From building two fully-stocked storefronts from the ground up, to now also making our entire inventory available online. We are Patriot Supplements.”


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