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Cannibal Alpha Pct

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The holy grail to all man’s aspirations in life is testosterone.  Without it the man is nothing, but with it he is everything that he was intended to be.  The question is not how much testosterone you have but how much more you need for greatness.  The supplement industry is full of perfidious companies, making calms under a proprietary dose of who knows what.  Not us, not Chaos and Pain, for as long as we have been around we have always brought you what we think is simply the best product.  Cannibal Alpha PCT is designed a top tier testosterone support products with added estrogen control.

Cannibal Alpha PCT is what we consider the best all natural product on the market.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract–  This extract has been shown in clinical research to support wellness via mental clarity.  This extract also shows support via strength and endurance which is ideal for increasing overall strength and muscle mass in the body.  This extract also supports a lowering of anxiety making it essential for looking good and feeling good.

Brassaiopsis Glomerulata– This ingredient supports a reducing in overall estrogen in the body.  This inhibition of aromatase will support an increase of testosterone production in the body.

Boron Citrate– This ingredient supports a possible increase of the total testosterone metabolism into free testosterone in the body.  This ingredient also supports bone density and overall cognition and skeletal muscle coordination in the body.

Indole-3-Carbinol– This ingredient has been shown to reduce the rates of breast cancer, colon cancer and other types of cancers.  It is believed that estrogen-enhanced cancers can be reduced through the use of this ingredient.  This ingredient along with its overall health benefits in the reduction of cancers according to the data supports healthy estrogen.

Safed Musli Extract–  This ingredient has many benefit but the improvements to testosterone levels is the main point.  This ingredient has also been shown to support men’s sexual health and erections as a potent sexual aid over the years.  There is evidence to show that it supports overall joint health and can combat some effects of arthritis.

Mucuna Pruriens (L-Dopa)– This ingredient also has many benefits centered around men’s sexual health and mood enhancements.  To top this ingredient off, it supports a reduction in overall stress in the body, which in its self can be a testosterone killer.

Luteolin– This ingredient supports various health benefits and falls right in line with this product.  The anti-inflammatory properties of this ingredients support an overall better well-being in the human body.  This ingredient also provides oxidative relief of stress, which in turn supports not only the lowered inflammatory response but also supports lowering of blood pressure and heart disease in the body as well.

Bioperine–  This ingredient supports nutrient transportation in the body.