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ARC - Immune

by Glaxon
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Glaxon Arc Immune Can:

Boost Immunity

Reduce Inflammation

Fight Free Radicals

Improve GI Health

Enhance Circulation

Support Healthy Gut and Intestinal Bacteria

Maintain Healthy Bones

How Much Is Your Health Worth to You?

Most people only worry about their health and getting sick once they’re ill. By then, it’s too late. Maintaining your health and fighting off illnesses and pathogens that enter the body is a daily task. You put yourself at risk every day without even knowing it. You walk through a crowd of people, shake hands, and touch surfaces that hundreds of people could have already touched that day. This is essentially rolling the dice with your health.

Your body is constantly doing battle with pathogens and oxidative stress, which is extremely taxing to the immune system. Being your best line of defense in preserving your health, you’re going to want to keep the machine running without any hiccups. When a hiccup occurs is when illnesses creep in and can do harm.

Glaxon Arc Immune is specifically designed to help keep your immune system running optimally and performing at the highest level. Sure, immunity products aren’t sexy – but they’re necessary.

Should you find yourself deficient in key minerals like zinc and copper, it can compromise the integrity of your immune system. Glaxon Arc Immune provides you with the highest quality zinc and copper through the use of patented TRAACS® minerals. Combine that with the powerful and specific ingredients found in Glaxon Arc Immune (which are broken down in detail below), and you have the ability to stay protected 365 days a year.

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules daily on an empty stomach. Arc Immune can be taken 1 capsule at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or all 3 capsules at once.