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All American EAAs

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In a capitalistic society, there’s no question about which service, good, or utility is best. In whatever form they take, ideas are introduced to the marketplace, and their success is determined by how useful the idea is for making America Great Again – or perhaps now, Keeping America Great.

Our bodies are not unlike America – they’re awesome, and they only really like what works; there’s no tricking it. BCAA’s are like a stimulus package to the body. They make things “look good” for a little while, but there’s nothing meaningful going on! They only signal growth.

EAA, on the other hand, produce tangible growth and recovery. They supply the necessary signal AND materials to trigger anabolism and start adding muscle tissue. That’s why we are proud to offer All American EAA™, the American way to Amino.

  • 4g L-Leucine activates mTOR and increases rates of MPS
  • EAA Active™ provides the amino acids necessary to form the building blocks of muscle proteins
  • Laxopure™ Laxogenin, a brassinosteroid, acts as a secondary growth stimulus
  • Vitamins and Minerals support numerous bodily systems and facilitate metabolism

All American EAA™ is an innovation. EAA Active™ aminos, offering a large leucine component, combined with the novel, hypertrophic powers of Laxopure™ are a surefire way to speed recovery and enhance muscle growth. Formulated for incredible taste, All American EAA™ are on the fast track to becoming a staple in your supplement regimen.