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Liquid Cranactin Cranberry Extract

by Solaray
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While you may be familiar with yummy cranberries on top of a turkey sandwich, did you know that cranberries are also a source of powerful health nutrients? Committed to creating products that work better, Solaray is proud to present our Liquid CranActin Cranberry Extract with Bacterial Antiadherence!

Liquid CranActin Cranberry Extract is intended to help support urinary tract and bladder health. Compounds found in cranberry may help keep bacteria from adhering to bladder cells. Solaray Liquid CranActin is formulated to provide this Bacterial Antiadherence Factor. Additionally, our powerful formula comes in an easy to use dropper, easier than capsules!

On top of being nutritious, Solaray CranActin Cranberry Extract is lab verified for potency, purity and identity. Shine brighter with CranActin Cranberry Extract, try it today!