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bioHeat is a revolutionary, multi-target fat loss system designed to help eliminate even the most stubborn fat through several metabolic pathways.

* Ignites your metabolic furnace, allowing you to utilize fat as energy source.
* Efficiently targets stubborn brown fat.
* Dramatically enhances neurotransmitter activity, promoting a mental edge unlike anything you’ve ever felt.
* Sheds unwanted water, promoting a tighter, more defined physique.
* Suppresses appetite to prevent overeating and cravings.
* Stimulant free energy; no “wired” feeling.

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120 capsules

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Global Formulas is dedicated to providing the most powerful and complete products you will ever experience. No expense is spared when formulating new categories. Our long standing philosophy has, and will always be athletes will pay slightly more if they achieve noticeably better results. We are the innovators of CTFtm (Chelation Technology Formula), the only company on the market to utilize this ultra-powerful strength and recovery blend. From CTFtm to powerful herbal extracts, to our unique formulations, we are at the top of every sports nutrition category. We have built an incredible following of high-end athletes who depend on us to exceed their nutritional requirements. We don’t need paid spokespeople or costly advertising. We are content at being the company that athletes from every walk of life recommend to their peers. That in itself will continue to propel our reputation as the highest quality sports nutrition company in the industry; Train Hard. Demand the Best. Global Formulas.