Inferno Amped


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Cutting edge fat loss, maximum energy and maximum focus.

Cannibal Inferno Amped:

  • Helps you burn off stubborn body fat
  • Gives you tons of energy
  • Gives your brain a boost

Inferno Amped has enough caffeine to take you to the next level. Packed with synergistic ingredients, Amped’s formula was designed to give you long lasting energy. Thermo-V and Acetyl-L-Carnitine were added to make sure you get the same fat transportation effects as Inferno. 2-Amino to the rescue! To ensure that AMPed would get you going, 2-Amino was added to the formula. This unique ingredient works synergistically with Caffeine, just like 1,3-DMAA, but doesn’t give you a crash! The enhanced energy effect gradually tapers off.

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Chaos and Pain


90 capsules

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Chaos and Pain is the Project Mayhem of the strength world. A motley band of scholars, outcasts, nerds, freaks, gamers, degenerates, and any strength athlete with a modicum of sense and a metric ton of anti-social tendencies, we few, proud, angry souls stalk the weight room and platform in a never-ending search of personal records using high frequency, high volume, ultra-heavy workloads, following the credo of Chaos and Pain's founder, Jamie Lewis. Moderation is Mediocrity, and Extremity is Excellence. Chaos and Pain isn't just a website- it's a movement.