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Mass, Strength, Myostatin Inhibitor, Protein Synthesis.

Myostatin is a protein made by the muscle cells that inhibits muscle growth.

How do you stop Myostatin from killing your gains? Epicatechin is found in dark chocolate and helps promote an increase in Follistatin, which inhibits myostatin.

What is Laxogenin? 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin is a steroidal sapinogen that has been shown to have a similar anabolic/androgenic ratio to Anavar. It helps to increase protein synthesis, aka muscle building.

What happens when you combine Epicatechin with Laxogenin? Laxogenin helps signal the body to increase the building blocks of muscle while Epicatechin helps turn off the muscle regulator. It’s like opening the flood gates of muscle gains!

How do you make Legendary even better? Chaos and Pain added 50mg of Capsorp to help your body absorb more of these awesome compounds!

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