The 9 Best Practices For Building Lean Muscle Fast

June 28, 2022

Who has time to spend years in the gym grinding away for gains? We are all looking for the next “hack” to speed up progress. However, it might not be a “biohack” that you need as much as science-backed tips to help speed up your fitness progress. 

If you have been working out but not seeing any growth, it may be a sign that your routine is not working. Try different exercises and see if you get better results.

Even if you are seeing progress with your workout, there is no need to stop if you can continue to see results.

Let’s breakdown nine ways to build muscle quickly

#1 Try More Volume

Training volume is essential in determining how much muscle you’ll build. The more reps and sets you do, the greater your impact on muscle growth.

Volume is one of the primary determinants of muscle hypertrophy. Increasing your volume and dropping the weight you are using can make a difference in your training. Sets of 1-3 reps are great for strength training. However, when building muscle hypertrophy, the correct rep ranges can make a difference.  

Compared to strength training, a program during a hypertrophy phase will have sets between 50 and 75 percent of the person’s 1RM (one rep max). Trygroupsng sets of 6-20 reps

#2 Decrease Rest Times

There was a time before smartphones when rest times were shorter. It is easier to get on the phone between sets and lose track of time. 

If you’re guilty of touching your phone between sets, set a timer for 30 to 90 seconds and take a quick break. This way, you’ll release more muscle-building hormones, including testosterone and human growth hormone, which will help you build muscle.

To fatigue your muscles, you need to do various exercises that work different parts of your body. This will also help ensure that you are genuinely fatiguing your muscles.

Rest time is just as crucial as the rep and set scheme. In the case of talking too long of rest, it could be more critical. 

Don’t be afraid to feel the pump and burn while working out.

#3 Eat More Protein

You might have heard that when we are training hard in the gym, we break down our muscles and build them in the kitchen and sleep at night. But do you understand why this is?

Protein intake is essential for athletes who work out hard, as it helps to promote recovery. Lifters should eat 0.25 to 0.3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per meal. 

When we sleep, our body rebuilds itself. This is why adequate nutrition and sleeping 7-9 hours a night are essential for weight training. 

man building core muscles with ball blog

#4 Focus On Eccentric

When performing a lift, there are two movement phases; the concentric phase and the eccentric phase. The concentric phase is the harder part of the lift, while the eccentric phase is easier.

Let’s look at the bench press.

As you unrack the weight, it begins to move in an eccentric motion. This is followed by a concentric phase in which you press back to the starting position with the weight.

Eccentric work is better at triggering hypertrophy and muscle growth. This means we can increase our eccentric efforts by doing two things: slowing down and increasing the time under tension. If you want to perform an eccentric-only variation of your bench, you will need to unrack the weight and stop the lift at the point where the bar stops on or just above your chest.

Our muscles are stronger in the eccentric phase. You can perform eccentric-only variations if you’d like to overload the weight you lift. 

#5 Eat More Calories

To slim down, you need to be in a calorie deficit. To build muscle, you’ll need to be in a calorie surplus.

Research suggests that when your body is in a calorie deficit, it downshifts the body’s tendency to build muscle. In short, getting muscular isn’t your body’s main priority when it isn’t getting enough food.

Shoot for eating 150-500 extra calories per day of nutritious whole foods to ensure the weight gain is from muscle and minimizes fat gain. Also, try to eat the bulk of these extra calories in protein.

#6 Try Casein Before Bed

Casein protein takes a while to enter our bloodstream, so it keeps us fed with amino acids for a lot longer than other types of protein. Consuming casein protein immediately before bed can boost levels of circulating amino acids for 7.5 hours. This means being able to build muscle while you sleep.

Excellent sources of casein include cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, milk, or a casein supplement.

#7 Try Supplementing With HMB

HMB is a natural compound that helps prevent muscle protein breakdown, encourages muscle growth, and speeds exercise recovery.

HMB supplements are a popular way to increase HMB levels in the body because it is difficult to achieve significant increases from food alone.

Taking HMB in tandem with a high-intensity workout routine can significantly improve muscle strength and size compared to those who only lifted. HMB is a compound that has been shown to help prevent the negative effects of overtraining.

#8 Creatine

Creatine is one of the longest-studied supplements in the industry, and there is some evidence that it may improve muscular performance. However, creatine does not directly build muscle.

Creatine supplements can help by increasing your performance while working out at high intensity, which is beneficial in promoting muscle growth.

Creatine monohydrate is the most thoroughly researched form of creatine and is also one of the cheapest. It’s a good choice for people who want to take creatine supplements because it is effective at improving muscle strength and performance.

#9 Sleep More

Your muscles need the energy to grow and repair, so you need to provide them with the proper nutrients. You can do this by breaking down muscle at the gym and rebuilding it at home while you sleep.

Short sleep can lead to a drop in testosterone levels by up to 10-15 percent. When you sleep, your body releases human growth hormone (HGH), which helps with muscle growth and keeps your cortisol levels in check.

Sleep seven to nine hours per night. Seriously, make it a priority.

Last Words

Before jumping to the next big trend, ensure you are doing the basics. 

Which one are you going to start implementing first?

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